Day of Court™ Private Counsel

When it comes to litigants appearing in court, our motto at LitiLink™ is DON’T GO IT ALONE! Always have a lawyer by your side.  To help self-representing family law litigants have optional access to lawyer representation at court we developed the Day of Court™ Private Counsel service.

Day of Court™ Private Counsel is a best in class pay-per-use lawyer service that places experienced family lawyers on-site at Ontario courthouses on days when family law court cases are heard.  The Day of Court™ Private Counsel lawyers on-site at court are available to be retained by self-representing family law litigants on demand and on a “paid by the hour” basis.  Day of Court™ services are cost effective as they allow Litigants to pay only for the time they need that day.

As a brand new legal services offering, the Day of Court™ Private Counsel service started providing services at the Durham Region Courthouse in Oshawa, Ontario, in April 2018.

While it is one thing to negotiate a family law case settlement out of court with the help of lawyers, it is quite another to do so even with a lawyer by your side in a courtroom.  The courthouse setting has its own added set of intense pressures and stresses which can leave even the most prepared self-represented litigant struggling.  This unpredictable and charged legal environment can leave a litigant with a complete inability to articulate their case in front of a judge, a serious failure to understand the requirements of each step in their case and a complete failure to grasp the serious consequences of agreements entered into or orders made by a court.

Ultimately, and most importantly, a lack of lawyer representation can be the biggest factor in preventing a self-representing litigant from being successful in their family law case and this includes the ability of a self-represented family law litigant to secure precious custody of or time with their children.

With a 60% – 80% self-representing litigant population in Ontario’s family law courtrooms, effective and experienced family law lawyers are critical to the success of a family law litigant’s case.  Lawyer representation by family law litigants is also a key component to the proper functioning of the Ontario family justice system which has the huge responsibility of processing over 100,000 new and on-going family law cases per year.

LitiLink Litigation Services Inc. has invested in critical intellectual property and technology including a proprietary software application to facilitate the provision of the on-site Day of Court™ Private Counsel services.  Utilizing a mobile app which is accessible by all enrolled Day of Court™ panel lawyers through, family law lawyers can seamlessly provide to the self-representing litigant public the skills and expertise necessary to help them navigate through their very important family day of court attendance as successfully as possible.

LitiLink Litigation Services Inc. through its network of committed and experienced family lawyers, aims to set a standard of excellence in legal service and access to justice by providing self-representing family law litigants critical and optional access to at court lawyer services.  We feel all litigants deserve an opportunity to have the best help beside them so that they can be as successful as possible on their day of court!

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We are now accepting new Panel Lawyer Member registrations for family court cases to be heard at Oshawa!  Interested family law lawyers should complete the Panel Member Registration form.

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