About LitiLink™

LitiLink™ Litigation Services Inc. is a private corporation focussed on providing the highest quality of professional, experienced, on-site, on demand, Day of Court™ lawyer services to parties involved litigation in Ontario.

Founded in 2017 by forward thinking family lawyer, Stacy M. MacCormac, LL.B., LitiLink™ is a first of its kind company.  LitiLink™ operates on-site, at court, on demand lawyer services through its leading edge access to justice Day of Court™ Private Counsel program.  This ground breaking service exists nowhere else in Canada or the U.S.

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About the Founder – Stacy M. MacCormac

Stacy MacCormac
Stacy M. MacCormac

As the driving force behind LitiLink and Day of Court™ Private Counsel, Ms. MacCormac brings with her a wealth of knowledge gained through 14 years of intense family law litigation experience, including conducting family law trials and appeals, along with years of routine family court hearings.

Ms. MacCormac has developed a keen understanding of the complexities of family law cases as they make their way through the required procedures which govern the family court justice system.

From her years of experience, Ms. MacCormac has an intimate appreciation of the detrimental and sometimes permanent emotional, financial and psychological impact that a family law case can have on critically important family relationships.

It is the goal of LitiLink™ and the Day of Court™ Private Counsel service to provide at court lawyer representation options to litigants to help alleviate some of the negative impacts of separation and help separated families involved in litigation move forward more positively.


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