LitiLink™ Litigation Services Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Stacy M. MacCormac, LL.B., a forward thinking litigation lawyer, LitiLink™ is a first of its kind company.  LitiLink™ operates on-site, at court lawyer services through its leading-edge access to justice Day of Court™ Private Counsel program.  This ground breaking service exists nowhere else in Canada or the U.S.

We believe a court litigant should never go it alone!  We also believe that family law court litigants should wherever possible have the option of having a lawyer represent them for their Day of Court.   LitiLink’s™ new Day of Court™ Private Counsel service is here to try and help make that exact thing happen.

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LitiLink™ Litigation Services Inc. is a private corporation focussed on providing the highest quality of professional, experienced, on-site, on demand, day of court lawyer services to parties involved litigation in Ontario.


LitiLink™ and Day of Court™ are trademarks of LitiLink Litigation Services Inc.